The KEEP ME Card

Bracknell, Wokingham & Ascot

The KEEP ME Card for the Bracknell, Wokingham & Ascot area is soon scheduled to be printed and delivered by the Royal Mail by hand with daily post to the 61,791 households and businesses in the following Postcodes:  RG42 5xx, RG42 6xx, SL5 8xx, RG42 7xx, RG42 3xx, SL5 7xx, SL5 9xx, SL5 0xx, RG12 2xx, RG12 9xx, RG42 2xx, RG12 1xx, RG42 1xx, RG42 4xx, RG40 5xx, RG12 0xx, RG12 7xx, RG12 8xx, RG40 1xx, RG41 1xx, RG40 2xx, RG41 2xx, RG41 3xx, as illustrated on the map below.

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